We are so happy to announce our new triple-lock mechanism, a new innovative compression free and friction based optical locking mechanism!

This is what success looks like. This is what grit looks like.

When developing something for the first time, you don't get the luxury of knowing the challenges you have to overcome. 

The blue lens on the left is months of work, resulting in crushing failure, and lessons learned. The red lens on the right is what happens when you take that failure on the chin, learn those lessons, get up, and believe in your and your teams capacity to fix problems.

In this case, by developing the world's first two-part flat lens, we faced an issue never before seen in eyewear; nearly every other pair of sunglasses keeps lenses in place using one of two things: compression stress, or glue. 

When our customers asked us for interchangeable lenses, we knew we had to deliver, and in doing so had to think outside the box. Using a flat lens means we couldn’t use compression stress - otherwise we would warp the lens as seen in in the blue photo - and using glue wouldn't allow for any interchangeability. 

We were told these were our only options. "They're the only options used in these materials in the industry." We didn’t accept that.

We created HindSight to solve problems, not to accept the status quo. So we have developed a novel triple-lock mechanism to allow a compression free and friction based optical locking mechanism, keeping HindSight lenses snug and secure while allowing easy interchangeability!

I can announce that all HindSight V2 units will come with this new added feature. We are no strangers to being tasked with the impossible, and overcoming it.


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