Don’t Look Back

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Hindsight cycling glasses feature patent pending rear view mirror technology.

Till now, cyclists looked back by glancing over their shoulder

Looking backwards means you stop looking forwards. In one second a commuter will travel 11 meters. Every second on the road is a second you must be paying attention.

Easy and comfortable to wear

Enhanced Situational Awareness


Ideal for all cyclists


Hindsight glasses offer improvements in situational awareness

Multi Material Components

HindSight has partnered with several frame companies to provide everything from traditional sports plastics, to environmentally friendly materials.

Reliable and Durable Hinge Mechanism

Spring hinges made from a high quality nickel allow with long lasting spring action.

Pure Silicone Adjustable Nosepads

Pure Silicone wrapped around a metal core made from quality nickel alloy, our nosepads are fully adjustable to suit your bridge and offer comfortable grip.

Patent-pending Rear-view Mirror Technology

HindSight’s unique technology allows cyclists to keep their peripheral vision forward, while checking behind.

I only had a quick go, but these glasses certainly enable you to see behind without having to turn your head. Sustainable materials as well. Impressive design.


When I first tried HindSight glasses, they were a complete no brainer – I didn't really want to take them off.


I was slightly dubious of the concept before trying them out. Immediately I loved being able to know what was going on behind me and it made cycling on a busy road a much more relaxing experience. They are awesome!"


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Why do I need to see behind me this way?

Being road aware is fundamental to being safe while cycling, and at HindSight, our goal is to make our users as conscious of potential dangers as possible.

HindSight glasses empower cyclists to know more about the road, allowing you to make smarter decisions.

Does the reflective capability fade over time?

No, the reflectivity will stay as high as the day of purchase, provided you care properly for the lenses

Will a hat/helmet get in the way? (hairstyles)

The majority of hairstyles will work perfectly along with HindSight glasses. If your hair doesn’t go further than a 1/2 inch from your ear, then you can use them!

If your hair is particularly perky, combine with a helmet and use the straps to flatten it out and HindSight glasses will work for you too.

Does the reflective section reduce the area of general vision in front of me?

The reflective area is designed to be semi-transparent. This means that you will be able to see both ahead of you and behind you, depending on your focus. One of the fundamental tenants we built our design on was to in no way reduce the frontal vision of a user, and as such we have carefully crafted the HindSight design to make certain any user is always fully aware of what is ahead of them.

Join us! and we can change the way the world cycles by making professional cyclists faster, and commuters feel safer.

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