Project Update #4

Dear Backers!

We have a quick update on the production of our amazing new HindSight Rear View glasses!

Our production timeline has been moving along steadily since our last update. We have now completed our final stage of testing, with our golden sample frames en route and the moulds for our new and improved lenses and frames completed!

After we take receipt of our long-awaited frames, we'll then be able to issue a short order run to ensure the consistency of production, double-checking that they are all up to standard before setting production schedules with our manufacturing partners.

We're very excited to see our golden sample frames in person so we can assess them to ensure premium quality!

Please feel free to ask us any questions, and if you would like to speak to us personally you can reach us at – we welcome any commentary and input from our backers and we are here to listen to your needs!

We thank you for your patience and trust!

The HindSight Team