Project Update #2

Dear Backers!

This is a quick update on the production of your HindSight Rear View glasses.

HindSight production has been moving along steadily since our last update. Our designs have now been entirely finalised and production testing will begin this month. The design phase has resulted in the glasses being improved even further than we thought possible and we are expecting our test units to be delivered within the next month!

Perfecting and producing new technology is a journey with unexpected breakthroughs and challenges. This is such an exciting time for us and our team is looking forward to delivering your glasses as soon as we can.

On another note, we had the pleasure to attend the Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycling Festival. Our team had so much fun attending the event and promoting our charity campaign in collaboration with Cancer Research UK. We’ve released a pair of limited edition CRUK glasses and £25 from every sale will go towards life-saving research! If you have any friends that still haven’t ordered their pair of HindSight glasses this is the perfect opportunity to get them and support CRUK!

We thank you for your patience and trust!

The HindSight Team