Project Update #1

Hello everyone,

First we want to take a moment to thank you for your support on this project. We really appreciate every single pledge, email, comment, and social media share.

We are committed to bringing this project to fruition, that is why we wanted to take this opportunity to show you where we are at right now and what we have to do next to get HindSight in all your hands.

As far as production goes, we are working hard with our suppliers to figure out the best possible way to achieve scale. As part of this, we've been testing our glasses and have now finalised our designs. We’ve made some final tweaks to get everything in line so that the manufacturing process can begin as soon as possible.

We will send out the backer survey in the next few days. In the survey you will be able to choose your style and lens colour and provide shipping information!

If you have any problems completing your survey, please do get in touch with us by messaging us here on Kickstarter. We’ll be checking for questions every day!

As always, if any of you have questions, problems, or suggestions, please reach out to us. We appreciate your support and patience on this project and wish everyone a great day!

Thank you!

The HindSight Team