Our first original piece of content!

Back in 2020 when HindSight won its first competition, we were inundated with requests from companies who wanted to work with us - i.e. charge us for their services.
At the post-award drinks, someone approached and asked innocently “Hey, would you like to same time and money and raise investment faster by creating photo-realistic renders of your product? You can win investment without even making anything!”

Three beers in, we agreed - sounds like a great way to expedite the fundraising process.
The next week I was sent a quote.
I was to receive a whopping 8 photorealistic renders.
The ask was a staggering 20% of HindSight’s prize money.
Needless to say, I did not take the offer.
However the next day I set about googling “how do I make renders?”
Cut to today, HindSight is publishing our first original piece of content. Directed, designed, edited, rendered and music composed all in-house. Let us know your thoughts!

To the other entrepreneurs out there – have you noticed opportunistic companies looking to take advantage of wide-eyed, young entrepreneurs’ hard-won capital?

How can we ensure that, at the very earliest stages, Founders are instilled with a “cash is king” mentality, and that they aren’t taken advantage of by opportunists?

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