HindSight Stories #3

This week we have a new #hindsightstories from our Project Manager Struan Glen.
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I’ve always been a fairly hesitant cyclist – I much prefer heading along cycle paths and the countryside as opposed to main roads and all the worries that come with city traffic. In the last couple of years, like many people, I bought an e-bike as motivation to get out and about in quarantine and have loved using it to take long leisurely cycles. Using the e-bike allows me to take it easy and take in my surroundings much more than I’d have done otherwise and I’d highly recommend drivers who are thinking of taking up cycling to save on the insane petrol prices to try one out.

When out and about I invariably would have to head along roads and compete with the various other road users on the outskirts of Edinburgh, largely people in giant 4X4s. I’ve been using HindSight glasses over the last year since I joined the team and have found that my anxiety is notably lessened when I can simply glance and know exactly what’s happening behind me whilst still being able to see what’s on the road ahead. Even just having the knowledge that I’ve got the option to quickly check in my rear view gives me significantly more peace of mind and I was surprised how much of a difference knowing that I’ve got effectively super peripheral vision available to me has made in my feeling when out cycling.

I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to test out the prototype V2 glasses, and for the first time felt the confidence to go for big ol’ rides down to some of my favourite spots throughout Edinburgh, dipping in and out of the water of Leith walkway, negotiating traffic through Stockbridge and the city centre, feeling considerably more at ease.