HindSight Stories #1

We are starting a new series of blog posts where we'll share with you stories from our customers and their experience using HindSight rear view cycling glasses. Our first #hindsightstories comes from or COO Ian. If you'd like to share your story with us send us an email to callum.and.alex@hindsight.store

The unexpected benefits of HindSight

A Mediterranean beach seems like one of the last places you would expect wanting to see behind you, however, the necessity for rear vision became apparent when I was running along a beach in Tunisia recently. The beach is routinely used by the locals for afternoon parties which run on late into the night. Often these parties involve young men bringing their cars, quad bikes, jeeps, and motorbikes onto the beach and speeding around in them. That sounds potentially dangerous, and it is, especially when you're running along wearing headphones and listening to music. Much like running along a road while listening to music, you cannot hear cars or motorbikes coming - it's similar to the electric car or electric scooter problem, where they are near-impossible to hear. Except, one normally would not expect to be at risk of being run over on a beach.

In this particular case, I was running with my HindSight glasses and I could see behind myself as I kicked up the sand behind me. And it was just as well because a 4x4 came screaming up behind me almost knocking me into the ocean. Thanks to my HindSight glasses, I was able to see the 4x4 coming and took evasive action – but I still ended up wet!